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scm-manager / State of SCM-Manager 2 development

The development of SCM-Manager 2.0.0 is organised in Trello Boards.

Milestone 1

Main goals

  • remove deprecated and unused stuff
  • remove old style listeners
  • replace guava eventbus with legman
  • introduce new plugin structure
  • offline plugin installation/updates/deinstallation
  • use java 7 as default
  • use of annotation processors instead of classpath scanning
  • move non core modules (plugin-backend, maven plugins, etc.) to separate repositories

Milestone 2

Main goals

  • use apache shiro everywhere
  • improve authentication
  • improve user and group management
  • use permission instead of roles

Milestone 3

Main goals

  • completely new designed rest api

Milestone 4

Main goals

  • completely new user interface

Milestone 5

Main goals

  • improve repository api