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+== SCM-Manager 1.17 ==
+* new repository api
+* log scm-manager version on boot
+* use copy on read for repository api caches to fix reference problems with pre processor api
+* added api for blame line pre processor
+* added compatibility modes for svn 1.7, see <<issue 182>>
+* added warning message if javascript is disabled, see <<issue 178>>
+* fix ugly login error message, see <<issue 183>>
+* Repository links should use relative paths, see <<issue 156>>
+* Added locale and timezone to support informations
+**fixed bugs**
+* fix detection of scm-server servlet container
+* fix svn version informations
+* fix mercurial version informations
+* fix mercurial import with non valid mail address in contact field, see <<issue 173>>
+* disable ssl validation for mercurial hook detection, see <<issue 170>>
+* fix basic authentication for systems with turkish locale, see <<issue 195>>
+**library updates**
+* update jgit to version
+* update svnkit to version 1.7.5-1
+* update logback to version 1.0.6
+* update slf4j to version 1.6.6
 == SCM-Manager 1.16 ==
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