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+== SCM-Manager 1.18 ==
+* Version 1.18 of scm-manager requires mercurial 1.9 or newer
+* use javahg for mercurial commit, source, blame, content and diff views
+* support for tags in source view
+* support for branches in commit view
+* improve svnkit logging, see <<issue 211>>
+* improve mercurial error messages, see <<issue 192>>
+* allow configuration of mercurial repository encoding
+* warn if plugin artifact checksum not match
+**fixed bugs**
+* fix wrong cache result in blame command 
+* fix wrong escaped subversion commit messages, see <<issue 199>>
+* fix wrong directory content in source browser, see <<issue 215>>
+* fix missing error messages for some json stores
+* fix missing localizations
+* fix wrong unarchive message
+* added missing dtd to server-config.xml
+**library updates**
+* update ehcache to version 2.6.0
+* update jetty to version 7.6.5.v20120716
+* update google guava to version 13.0
+* update jersey to version 1.13
 == SCM-Manager 1.17 ==
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