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 * added a "changesetviewer"
-* use tabs for repository configuration
+* using tabs for repository configuration
 * added a configuration wizard for mercurial
-* the dateformat is now configureable
+* the date format is now configurable
 * added a repository information panel
 * new cgi api
-* added subversion compatiblity switches, see <<issue 13>>
+* added subversion compatibility switches, see <<issue 13>>
 **fixed bugs**
 * fix ssl support in scm-server, see <<issue 9>>
 * fix ssl support in mercurial cgi servlet, see <<issue 9>>
 * fix a browser window resize bug, see <<issue 10>>
-* fix bug with spaches in the scm home path, see <<issue 11>>
+* fix bug with spaces in the scm home path, see <<issue 11>>
 **library updates**
 * upgrade freemarker to version 2.3.16