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+== SCM-Manager 1.9 ==
+* Support for directory structure, see <<issue 47>>
+* Added webservice method to fetch repository by its type and name
+* Mercurial auto configuration support for homebrew installations
+* Improve httpclient api to support headers and authentication
+* Reimplemented browser history functions
+* SCM-Manager is now complete bookmark-able
+* Added api to create urls for the interface or the webservice
+* Improve interface performance by reducing Ext.getCmp calls
+* Added history panel for a single file, see pull request 1
+* Added wiki categories, wiki and screenshots to plugin descriptor
+* Added version and server-version to scm-cli-client
+* Improve performance by better repository caching
+**fixed bugs**
+* fix bug in get method of repository resource
+* fix issue "Administrator flag is disabled after login", see <<issue 73>>
+* Allow usernames with spaces, see <<issue 69>>
+* fix rolling file policy of scm-manager logging
+* fix mercurial hooks with configured force base url
+* fix mercurial hooks with apache mod_proxy, see <<issue 71>>
+**library updates**
+* update jersey to version 1.10
+* update slf4j to verion 1.6.4
+* update logback to version 1.0.0
+* update jetty to version 7.5.4.v20111024
 == SCM-Manager 1.8 ==