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 * since version 1.18 scm-manager requires mercurial 1.9 or newer
+== SCM-Manager 1.35 ==
+* Spanish translation, see [[|PR 9]] thanks to [[|Ángel L. García]]
+* added auto-login filter system, see [[|PR 4]] thanks to [[|Clemens Rabe]]
+* added property to disable escaping for blame, browse, log command and hooks, see <<issue 505>>
+* remove cancel button on login window if anonymous access is disabled, see <<issue 396>>
+* syntax highlighting for c, h, hh and cc files, see [[|PR 11]] thanks to [[|pankaj azad]]
+* custom subversion collection renderer
+* use full message instead of short message for git commits, see <<issue 474>>
+* improved german translation, see [[|PR 5]] thanks to [[|Ahmed Saad]]
+* use same validation rules for user and group names, see <<issue 470>>
+* added brushes for applescript and sass
+**fixed bugs**
+* fixed file leak, see <<issue 500>>
+* fixed double escaping, see <<issue 505>>
+* fixed python path for scm mercurial packages, see <<issue 499>>
+* remove setContentLength with -1 to fix CGI on jetty 9, see <<issue 481>>
+* retry delete up to 5 sec to fix problem with windows locking, see <<issue 476>>
+* fix wrong commit and source url on git repositories with reverse proxy, see <<issue 483>>
+* use work directory instead of temp directory for scm-manager webapp, see <<issue 464>>
+* fix wrong sql brush filename, see <<issue 461>>
+**library updates**
+* update jetty to 7.6.14.v20131031
+* update jersey to 1.18
+* update svnkit to 1.7.10-scm4
+* update jgit to
+* update enunciate to 1.28
+* update mustasche to 0.8.14
+* update javahg to 0.7
 == SCM-Manager 1.34 ==
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