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 * since version 1.18 scm-manager requires mercurial 1.9 or newer
+== SCM-Manager 1.34 ==
+* allow multi line mercurial messages
+* change order of permission column and use a more robust cell editor check
+* added api for changing diff output format
+* added support for glassfish 4, see <<issue 435>>
+* added configuration changed event
+* implement login attempt handler to handle failed authentications
+**fixed bugs**
+* fix bug with user events and decorated user managers
+* fix hg push fails with 'URLError' object has no attribute 'read', see <<issue 424>>
+* fix CommandNotSupportedException for git outgoing command
+* fix detection of non bare repositories as pull source
+* fix scm behind reverse proxy on root: svn not working, see <<issue 436>>
+* fix permission caching for logged in users
+* fix possible npe with unpacked war files, see <<issue 440>>
+* fix escaping bug in SearchUtil, see <<issue 441>>
+* avoid duplicate members in groups, see <<issue 439>>
+* fix store and load method of xml configuration entry store
+* fix out of scope exception on access hgcontext, see <<issue 451>>
+**library updates**
+* update jetty to 7.6.13.v20130916
+* update guava to version 15.0
 == SCM-Manager 1.33 ==