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Plugin NameDescriptionCore-PluginRepository
scm-activedirectory-auth-pluginPlugin for using Active Directory as an authentication handler. Currently only supports running on Windows in a 32-bit JVM.
scm-auth-ldap-pluginPlugin for using LDAP as an authentication handler.
scm-pam-pluginThis plugin enables PAM-Authentication for SCM-Manager.
scm-crowd-pluginPlugin for using Atlassian Crowd as an authentication handler.

Continuous Integration

Plugin NameDescriptionCore-PluginRepository
scm-bamboo-pluginPost receive hook for Atlassian Bamboo.
scm-jenkins-pluginThis plugin will ping your Jenkins CI server when a new commit is pushed to SCM-Manager.


Plugin NameDescriptionCore-PluginRepository
scm-graph-pluginCreates a Google Guice injection graph.


Plugin NameDescriptionCore-PluginRepository
scm-jira-pluginThis plugin integrates Atlassian JIRA to SCM-Manager.


Plugin NameDescriptionCore-PluginRepository
scm-activity-pluginShows the latest activity from your repositories.
scm-gravatar-pluginGravatar icons for the changesetviewer.
scm-pathwp-pluginThis plugin adds path write protection for repositories.
scm-userrepo-pluginThis plugin allows regular users to create repositories.

Version Control Systems

Plugin NameDescriptionCore-PluginRepository
scm-hg-pluginSupport for the version control system Mercurial.X
scm-git-pluginSupport for the version control system Git.X
scm-svn-pluginSupport for the version control system Subversion.X
scm-bzr-pluginSupport for the version control system Bazaar.