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Photographer's Notebook

Photographer's Notebook is an app to store and manage metadata of analog photos. It is meant to replace the usual paper-based notebooks photographers use to document camera settings in analog photography.

Photographers' Notebook was developed as a student project at the chair of Information Systems and New Media at the University of Siegen. The app is currently a beta version and not under active development. In case of bugs you can post a report in the issue tracker.

Photographer's Notebook is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


How to get it

To get the app, you have several possibilities:


  • Define individual sets of photo gear
  • Manage data of different films in different cameras in parallel
  • HOLO styled UI
  • Add geolocations to your pictures (experimental)
  • Export film and photo data to XML

For the further processing of exported data, a user has been so nice to write a shell script that extracts meta data from the exported xml files and attaches it as EXIF data to image files.

The script and some information on how to get it to work can be found here:

Works on Linux and Windows (with Git BASH, xmlstarlet and exiftool), and possibly also on Macs.