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+title: A simple shiny app for exploring SRAdb
+kind: article
+author_name: Sean Davis
+created_at: Friday, July 19, 2013
+ - R
+ - web
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+I show an example of using the shiny R package to examine the SRAdb package SQLite database schema.
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+At the Bioc2013 conference this year, there was quite a bit of interest and hype associated with the [shiny R package]( 
+As a simple experiment, I wrote some quick (took just a few minutes) to examine the  [SRAdb package]( SQLite database schema using a shiny web app.
+Starting at the end, here is a screen shot of the resulting application.
+<img src="/assets/images/sradb.shiny.png"/>
+To reproduce the application, you'll need to 
+1. Install R and Bioconductor, and the shiny and SRAdb packages in particular.  
+2. Place the two files below into a folder called "shinyApp".  
+3. Use the `getSRAdbFile()` function to download the sqlite file to the directory above "shinyApp" directory.
+4. Load the shiny library.
+5. Execute `runApp('shinyApp')`.
+<script src=""></script>