webcircos / jquery-cookie-1.3.1 /


  • Fixing issue where it was no longer possible to check for an arbitrary cookie, while json is set to true, there was a SyntaxError thrown from JSON.parse.


  • Configuration options: raw, json. Replaces raw option, becomes config:

javascript $.cookie.raw = true; // bypass encoding/decoding the cookie value $.cookie.json = true; // automatically JSON stringify/parse value

Thus the default options now cleanly contain cookie attributes only.

  • Removing licensing under GPL Version 2, the plugin is now released under MIT License only (keeping it simple and following the jQuery library itself here).

  • Bugfix: Properly handle RFC 2068 quoted cookie values.

  • Added component.json for bower.

  • Added jQuery plugin package manifest.

  • $.cookie() returns all available cookies.


  • Adding $.removeCookie('foo') for deleting a cookie, using $.cookie('foo', null) is now deprecated.


  • Adding default options.