Ying Wang  committed 3136010

Dedup the targets and dependencies of required modules.

For whatever reason, two modules may have the same file as their
installed module. In that case circular dependency is created if the two
modules have requited-by relation.

Change-Id: I15ed271ca3f3c343e4662182ded5ccc63d6c42cc

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File core/

     $(eval h_m := $(filter $(HOST_OUT_ROOT)/%, $(ALL_MODULES.$(m).INSTALLED))) \
     $(eval t_r := $(filter $(TARGET_OUT_ROOT)/%, $(r))) \
     $(eval h_r := $(filter $(HOST_OUT_ROOT)/%, $(r))) \
+    $(eval t_m := $(filter-out $(t_r), $(t_m))) \
+    $(eval h_m := $(filter-out $(h_r), $(h_m))) \
     $(if $(t_m), $(eval $(call add-required-deps, $(t_m),$(t_r)))) \
     $(if $(h_m), $(eval $(call add-required-deps, $(h_m),$(h_r)))) \
    ) \