Ricardo Cerqueira  committed 1389242

selinux: Fix access to camera socket

Ignoring the error isn't enough, the qcamera-daemon will fail
if it can't remove a pre-existing socket, so let that happen

Change-Id: Ie9d8d58a5c4903a1d25e82ddb3295485a57b85ae

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File sepolicy/camera.te

 # Create /data/cam_socket0 as camera_socket
 type_transition camera system_data_file:sock_file camera_socket "cam_socket0";
 allow camera camera_socket:sock_file { create unlink };
-dontaudit camera system_data_file:dir remove_name;
+allow camera system_data_file:dir remove_name;
 # All others under /data get camera_data_file
 file_type_auto_trans(camera, system_data_file, camera_data_file);