Robert Craig  committed a2de15a

Minor updates to policy.

* Create new kickstart debug domain type.
* Drop the camera_data_file type. That
lives in generic now.

Robert Craig<>

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File sepolicy/device.te

 type diagnostic_device, dev_type;
 type kgsl_device, dev_type, mlstrustedobject;
+type kickstart_device, dev_type;
 type mpdecision_device, dev_type;
 type shared_log_device, dev_type;
 type power_control_device, dev_type;

File sepolicy/file.te

 type kickstart_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
 type sensors_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
-type camera_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
 # Default type for anything under /firmware
 type radio_efs_file, fs_type;

File sepolicy/file_contexts

 /dev/cpu_dma_latency           u:object_r:power_control_device:s0
 /dev/diag                      u:object_r:diagnostic_device:s0
+/dev/ks_hsic_bridge            u:object_r:kickstart_device:s0
+/dev/efs_hsic_bridge           u:object_r:kickstart_device:s0
 /dev/smd.*                     u:object_r:shared_memory_device:s0
 /dev/smem_log                  u:object_r:shared_log_device:s0
 /dev/kgsl-3d0                  u:object_r:kgsl_device:s0

File sepolicy/kickstart.te

 allow kickstart shell_exec:file entrypoint;
 # ls on /data/qcks/
-allow kickstart self:capability dac_override;
+allow kickstart self:capability dac_override;
+# wake_lock and wake_unlock access. separate domain?
+allow kickstart sysfs:file append;
+# Access USB host ks bridge drivers
+allow kickstart kickstart_device:chr_file rw_file_perms;