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mako: wifi: Channels blocking in no service - do not merge

mako: wifi: Channels blocking when mobile network is no service state.
In case of no service state which means that Wi-Fi framework does not know
country code, just 1 ~ 11 channels will be active and 12 ~ 14 channels and
5GHz channels will be blocked.
To do this, the followings are changed
1) Change regulatory domain map (nv.bin)
a) Set N_AMER_EXC_FCC not to use 12 ~ 14 channels and 5GHz channels
b) Set default regulatory domain to N_AMER_EXC_FCC
2) Change regulatory domain of Vietnam, and Turkey to others (vos_nvitem.c)
Vietnam : N_AMER_EXC_FCC -> World
LGE tested all the country codes of which the Mako was released and there was
no regulatory domain problem.

Bug: 8044285
Change-Id: If6702a9954961a5ffa9ca7e55154e46a3f05bb6e

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