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Self-extractors for JWR66U

Change-Id: If072d547c7d6a1bdefff20a5c19dd2cf8ee5e042

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 # 701448 = JWR66C
 # 704243 = JWR66G
 # 711294 = JWR66N
+# 736095 = JWR66U
 # end jb-mr2-dev
 if test $BRANCH = jb-mr1-dev
 fi # jb-mr1.1-dev
 if test $BRANCH = jb-mr2-dev
-  ZIP=mantaray-ota-711294
-  BUILD=jwr66n
+  ZIP=mantaray-ota-736095
+  BUILD=jwr66u
 fi # jb-mr2-dev
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