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Simon Wilson  committed 5a9015a

new kernel prebuilt

19aa873 Merge remote-tracking branch 'exynos/android-exynos-3.4' into android-exynos-manta-3.4
a6a1de6 media: jpeg: change release function in abnormal closing case
16695ab Merge branch 'android-exynos-3.4' into android-exynos-manta-3.4
8eb9260 gpu: t6xx: add debug support to sync timeline
fbe52d9 Merge branch 'android-exynos-3.4' into android-exynos-manta-3.4
3c07de0 media: exynos: mfc: remove context buffer initialization
45f701c iommu: exynos: set mmu config explicitly
b5a1ebe Merge branch 'android-exynos-3.4' into android-exynos-manta-3.4
e833a4a Merge branch 'android-3.4' into android-exynos-3.4
f30ebc7 drivers: gud: mobicore: modify mobicore halt detection code
f8a5254 power: android-battery: Allow changing current in charging state
df214ba6 Revert "ASoC: wm8994: reduce AIF1CLK_RATE for headset buttons"
ec6e071 Merge branch 'android-exynos-3.4' into android-exynos-manta-3.4
14006f1 Merge branch 'android-3.4' into android-exynos-3.4
ff115cd sync: add tracepoint support
9af36c7 sw_sync: convert to new value_str debug ops
eec9691 sync: refactor sync debug printing

Bug: 7328266
Bug: 7361993
Bug: 7287429
Bug: 7179227
Bug: 7336639
Bug: 7362582
Change-Id: Ib4f76c3ae7ca9f4cf2b91c1072b666b60cb4cc71

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