Stephen Smalley avatar Stephen Smalley committed 300bebb

Eliminate a memory leak.

Need to free the old seapp_contexts if any before reloading.

Change-Id: I66a9c2895518c6224920c9728157a84dc572d31a
Signed-off-by: Stephen Smalley <>;

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 	struct seapp_context *cur;
 	char *p, *name = NULL, *value = NULL, *saveptr;
 	size_t len;
-	int i = 0, ret;
+	int i = 0, n, ret;
 	while ((fp==NULL) && seapp_contexts_file[i])
 		fp = fopen(seapp_contexts_file[i++], "r");
 		return -1;
+	if (seapp_contexts) {
+		for (n = 0; n < nspec; n++) {
+			cur = seapp_contexts[n];
+			free(cur->user);
+			free(cur->seinfo);
+			free(cur->name);
+			free(cur->domain);
+			free(cur->type);
+			free(cur->level);
+			free(cur->sebool);
+		}
+		free(seapp_contexts);
+	}
 	nspec = 0;
 	while (fgets(line_buf, sizeof line_buf - 1, fp)) {
 		p = line_buf;
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