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Update mac_permissions.xml with comments and package example.

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File mac_permissions.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
+    * A signature is a hex encoded X.509 certificate and is required for each signer tag.
+    * A signer tag may contain a seinfo tag and multiple package stanzas
+    * A default tag is allowed that can contain policy for all apps not signed with a
+      previously listed cert. It may not contain any inner package stanzas.
+    * Each signer/default/package tag is allowed to contain one seinfo tag. This tag
+      represents additional info that each app can use in setting a SELinux security
+      context on the eventual process.
+    * When a package is installed the following logic is used to determine what seinfo
+      value, if any, is assigned.
+      - All signatures used to sign the app are checked first.
+      - If a signer stanza has inner package stanzas, those stanza will be checked
+        to try and match the package name of the app. If the package name matches
+        then that seinfo tag is used. If no inner package matches then the outer
+        seinfo tag is assigned.
+      - The default tag is consulted last if needed.
+      - If none of the cases apply then the app is denied install on the device.
     <!-- Platform dev key in AOSP -->
     <signer signature="@PLATFORM" >
       <seinfo value="platform" />
       <seinfo value="shared" />
-    <!-- release dev key in AOSP -->
+    <!-- release dev key in AOSP with
+         inner package stanza which is
+         checked first.
+    -->
     <signer signature="@RELEASE" >
       <seinfo value="release" />
+      <package name="" >
+        <seinfo value="release" />
+      </package>
     <!-- All other keys -->