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         mTable = table;
+    private static byte[][] encodeCertificates(X509Certificate[] certificates)
+            throws CertificateEncodingException {
+        byte[][] certificateBytes = new byte[certificates.length][];
+        for (int i = 0; i < certificates.length; i++) {
+            certificateBytes[i] = certificates[i].getEncoded();
+        }
+        return certificateBytes;
+    }
      * Proceed with the specified private key and client certificate chain.
     public void proceed(PrivateKey privateKey, X509Certificate[] chain) {
         try {
-            byte[][] chainBytes = NativeCrypto.encodeCertificates(chain);
+            byte[][] chainBytes = encodeCertificates(chain);
             mTable.Allow(mHostAndPort, privateKey, chainBytes);
             if (privateKey instanceof OpenSSLKeyHolder) {
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