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Merge "Re-read shortcut labels if the language has changed"

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     private ContextMenuInfo mMenuInfo;
+    private static String sLanguage;
     private static String sPrependShortcutLabel;
     private static String sEnterShortcutLabel;
     private static String sDeleteShortcutLabel;
     MenuItemImpl(MenuBuilder menu, int group, int id, int categoryOrder, int ordering,
             CharSequence title, int showAsAction) {
-        if (sPrependShortcutLabel == null) {
+        String lang = menu.getContext().getResources().getConfiguration().locale.toString();
+        if (sPrependShortcutLabel == null || !lang.equals(sLanguage)) {
+            sLanguage = lang;
             // This is instantiated from the UI thread, so no chance of sync issues 
             sPrependShortcutLabel = menu.getContext().getResources().getString(