Narayan Kamath  committed 842d44e

Hide AssetInputStream.getAssetInt.

It returns a pointer to a private data structure, so there's
no sensible use for it. Also, the emergence of 64 bit processors
means that the return value isn't wide enough to represent
values in the native heap.

(cherry picked from commit f8f09a15a409f373f22aa475bb0defd264088e4f)

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File api/current.txt

   public final class AssetManager.AssetInputStream extends {
     method public final int available() throws;
     method public final void close() throws;
-    method public final int getAssetInt();
     method public final void mark(int);
     method public final boolean markSupported();
     method public final int read() throws;

File core/java/android/content/res/

     public final class AssetInputStream extends InputStream {
+        /**
+         * @hide
+         */
         public final int getAssetInt() {
             return mAsset;