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Merge "Tracking libcore change to use longs instead of ints to store pointers in OpenSSL binding"

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     private native void nativeSslCertErrorCancel(int handle, int certError);
     native void nativeSslClientCert(int handle,
-                                    int ctx,
+                                    long ctx,
                                     byte[][] asn1DerEncodedCertificateChain);
     native void nativeSslClientCert(int handle,


      * Proceed with the specified private key bytes and client certificate chain.
-    private void setSslClientCertFromCtx(final int ctx, final byte[][] chainBytes) {
+    private void setSslClientCertFromCtx(final long ctx, final byte[][] chainBytes) {
         post(new Runnable() {
                 public void run() {
                     mBrowserFrame.nativeSslClientCert(mHandle, ctx, chainBytes);
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