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Stephen Smalley
Merge branch 'master' into seandroid
Alan Viverette
Merge "Consider RTL layout in DPAD navigation in Gallery"
Chad Brubaker
Merge "Use correct tag type for RSA exponent"
Chad Brubaker
Merge "Make application/client id an object"
Alex Klyubin
Merge "Framework's NetworkSecurityPolicy delegates to libcore's one."
Chad Brubaker
Merge "Enforce tag types in KeymasterArgument classes"
Alan Viverette
Merge "Fix to crash when clicking text link without view activity"
Chris Craik
Merge "hwui : fix memory leak due to duplicate in shadow cache"
Alex Klyubin
Framework's NetworkSecurityPolicy delegates to libcore's one.
Alex Klyubin
Merge "Address pending comments for NetworkSecurityPolicy."
Jason Monk
Merge "Sort Bluetooth devices in quick settings by name"
Jason Monk
Merge "systemui: Handle case when network has been lost"
Alex Klyubin
Address pending comments for NetworkSecurityPolicy.
Olawale Ogunwale
Merge "[ActivityManager] Avoid killing unrelated processes."
Olawale Ogunwale
Merge "Layout the window to be displayed if it would be resized"
Olawale Ogunwale
Merge "DimLayer : remove unnecessary surface transaction calls"
Andreas Gampe
Merge "Frameworks/base: Don't allocate another identity matrix"
Mathias Jeppsson
Sort Bluetooth devices in quick settings by name
John Reck
Merge "Don't create unnecessary RenderThread's instance when executing 'dumpsys gfxinfo'"
Dohyun Lee
DimLayer : remove unnecessary surface transaction calls
Craig Mautner
Merge "Prevent unexpected rotation while going back to keyguard"
Miao Wang
Merge "[RenderScript] Add create(Context, int) to be compatible with the thunker layer & minor tweaks."
Miao Wang
[RenderScript] Add create(Context, int) to be compatible with
Michael Wright
Merge "SystemUI needs the SET_WALLPAPER permission"
Samuel Asteberg
SystemUI needs the SET_WALLPAPER permission
Prevent unexpected rotation while going back to keyguard
Chad Brubaker
Enforce tag types in KeymasterArgument classes
Chad Brubaker
Use correct tag type for RSA exponent
Chad Brubaker
Make application/client id an object
Alan Viverette
Merge "Move arrow_pointer hotspot to better match actual tip"
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