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When a SIM is changed check mobile provisioning.

A simple mechanism for doing this is to take advantage of the fact
that we require the device to reboot after a sim has been changed.
Thus when connectivity service is started we wait to get a connection
then call checkMobileProvisioning once. We also add a check that
the DEVICE_PROVISIONED is true, i.e. SetupWizard has been run.

Bug: 9784024
Change-Id: I5c1936744f6fc55a447ae44cd36eec3849d27e21

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     TelephonyManager mTelephonyManager;
+    // We only want one checkMobileProvisioning after booting.
+    volatile boolean mFirstProvisioningCheckStarted = false;
     public ConnectivityService(Context context, INetworkManagementService netd,
             INetworkStatsService statsService, INetworkPolicyManager policyManager) {
         // Currently, omitting a NetworkFactory will create one internally
                             state + "/" + info.getDetailedState());
+                    // After booting we'll check once for mobile provisioning
+                    // if we've provisioned by and connected.
+                    if (!mFirstProvisioningCheckStarted
+                            && (0 != Settings.Global.getInt(mContext.getContentResolver(),
+                                        Settings.Global.DEVICE_PROVISIONED, 0))
+                            && (state == NetworkInfo.State.CONNECTED)) {
+                        log("check provisioning after booting");
+                        mFirstProvisioningCheckStarted = true;
+                        checkMobileProvisioning(true, CheckMp.MAX_TIMEOUT_MS, null);
+                    }
                             info.getType(), info.getSubtype(), info.getDetailedState().ordinal());
                 + " resultReceiver=" + resultReceiver);
+        mFirstProvisioningCheckStarted = true;
         int timeOutMs = suggestedTimeOutMs;
         if (suggestedTimeOutMs > CheckMp.MAX_TIMEOUT_MS) {
             timeOutMs = CheckMp.MAX_TIMEOUT_MS;
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