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Dan Bornstein
This class no longer exists.
Andy McFadden
Set capabilities sooner.
Ficus Kirkpatrick
Add --max-res-version flag to aapt.
Leon Scroggins III
Add an option to hide the Voice Search icon.
Eric Rowe
Add BT test instrumentation for reboot tests.
Eric Rowe
DO NOT MERGE Separate utility methods into utility class.
Eric Rowe
Improve logging and flexibility of BT stress tests.
Eric Rowe
Remove @LargeTest annotations
Eric Rowe
Checkin initial bluetooth stress tests.
Wink Saville
Change CDMAPhone.getDeviceId to return MEID or ESN.
Christopher Tate
Make the default backup configuration "disabled; local transport selected"
Doug Zongker
make android_id random seed depend on time as well as ro.serialno
Joe Onorato
Continue trying to make the turn off quickly after call feature work.
Andreas Huber
Add a missing break; to restore old functionality and not turn off the screen after 30secs regardless of system preference.
Kenny Root
Amend previous ndc commit
Joe Onorato
Add a method to let a properly permissioned app directly
Fred Quintana
Changed SyncOperation.toKey() to not rely on the implementation of
Andreas Huber
Squashed commit of the following:
Kenny Root
Add more error checking for ndc
David 'Digit' Turner
PackageManagerService: always install native binaries from .apk
Wink Saville
Add PhoneSubInfo.getCompleteVoiceMailNumber.
Dianne Hackborn
Fix a bug where we cleaned an apps external data when upgrading it. :(
Andrew Stadler
Skip hostname verification when using insecure factory
Chih-Chung Chang
Flush binder buffer after setting raw heap to avoid leaking a reference.
Dianne Hackborn
Fix issue #2834005: Android Settings.Secure bypass
Eric Laurent
Fix issue 2811538: System server crash when disconnecting BT headset after using SCO off call.
Dan Egnor
Verify hostname where possible, and clarify where not.
Christopher Tate
Properly note the current active restore set's token
Nick Pelly
Do not log AT command traffic by default.
Dianne Hackborn
Work on issue # 2778549: Idle FRF72 is awake 18 mins more than ERE27 in 13hr test
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