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Dan Bornstein
This class no longer exists. Change-Id: Ic6ca0b4a97d405c478bb66a812cca55b89ae0f52
Andy McFadden
Set capabilities sooner. (cherry-pick from gingerbread I4e34b60c0a01b85ce0d80eb96ff3510604a68c71) Bug 3176774 Change-Id: I34d36b5b215ff0465f4f2f148c675f37ceba1a78
Ficus Kirkpatrick
Add --max-res-version flag to aapt. aapt will ignore any versioned resource directories over the specified version (if used). e.g. --max-res-version=6 will cause layout-land-v7 to be ignored. Merged from eclair. Change-Id: I40ccf820c8a6e3074fccc987dd60a511dd8eb0de
Leon Scroggins III
Add an option to hide the Voice Search icon. Some search engines do not support voice search, so provide a flag to disable showing the icon in the SearchDialog. Change-Id: I7ef4ad5d382edb86c08014260defa4af6d5eca0a
Eric Rowe
Add BT test instrumentation for reboot tests. Change-Id: If8134a1c11f3982086b7299e5c8bd3ef8eaa5959
Eric Rowe
DO NOT MERGE Separate utility methods into utility class. Methods in BluetoothTestUtils remain the same as they were in BluetoothStressTest except for the constructor and close(). The constructor is derived from setUp() and close() from tearDown(). Change-Id: I09f9637d3969c98e46cbde1d61bc6c3223aec7c1
Eric Rowe
Improve logging and flexibility of BT stress tests. Change-Id: I657638b3b410175919da545e9a9b7d9df6466362
Eric Rowe
Remove @LargeTest annotations Change-Id: Ib7e6f6e8b6437db5ca2ad2bcb89f079a0cbf7453
Eric Rowe
Checkin initial bluetooth stress tests. Bluetooth stress tests include stress tests for enabling/disabling bluetooth, making the device discoverable/undiscoverable, and starting and stopping scans. Change-Id: Ic8ba09475ffe5551717438673e0ed3f4bd17cf2f
Wink Saville
Change CDMAPhone.getDeviceId to return MEID or ESN. This allows devices with only ESN's to work. bug: 2938223 Change-Id: I33939151c59f598b939e73d98f1178669d6ceb75
Christopher Tate
Make the default backup configuration "disabled; local transport selected" By default out of the box, an Android build will have the backup mechanism in its "disabled" state and pointed to the LocalTransport test transport. We do not want retail devices built without the Google backend to have backup enabled out of the box; it would cause them to gradually grind away the cache partition for no good reason. On those devices with this change, developers would need to ena…
Doug Zongker
make android_id random seed depend on time as well as ro.serialno Change-Id: I0a48aacd8da30896d91fa05b7791335e6ed751e5
Joe Onorato
Continue trying to make the turn off quickly after call feature work. The previous implementation worked if the set timeout is short enough, which mine was. This one carries the remaining amount of timeout override forward through all of the countdown steps. Bug: 2844990 Change-Id: I040df22f9f9ddf98c355ac6845b7624e95f84f33
Andreas Huber
Add a missing break; to restore old functionality and not turn off the screen after 30secs regardless of system preference. Change-Id: Ib71113a3bc5aa5fdc088ab4ac3627352499ad3fa
Kenny Root
Amend previous ndc commit Submitted wrong patchset. This includes the delta for the latest patchset. Change-Id: I63bb9a37dd9100550ae07a3a1c9fdd9fd71724e1
Joe Onorato
Add a method to let a properly permissioned app directly manipulate the user activity timeout. We should come up with a better API for this, but this is for a last minute power manager hack to turn off the screen sooner after a phone call ends. Change-Id: I76422f952e3e894c90b3311e7d889899c79cbbaa
Fred Quintana
Changed SyncOperation.toKey() to not rely on the implementation of Account.toString() bug: 2898033 Change-Id: I6bfac976127190d2d667312df7aa9c7d57b21555
Andreas Huber
Squashed commit of the following: commit 4abf16bb04dc9695fedf4007a84f903074312ccd Author: Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Date: Tue Jul 20 09:21:17 2010 -0700 Support a single format change at the beginning of audio playback. This way the AAC+ decoder may change its output format from what is originally encoded in the audio stream and we'll still play it back correctly. Change-Id: Icc790122744745e9a88099788d4818ca1e26…
Kenny Root
Add more error checking for ndc In NativeDaemonConnector.doCommand() calls, there was inconsistent error checking. This change adds error checking for every call and makes it so that any call to .doCommand() that gets an error code won't cause the code to hang forever. Change-Id: If714282b6642f278fb8137f652af1a012670253b
David 'Digit' Turner
PackageManagerService: always install native binaries from .apk The previous implementation fails to work properly when the .apk and installed versions of the binaries have the same size and date. Change-Id: I063817a935da9ad459858d7eec8bb3d940607850
Wink Saville
Add PhoneSubInfo.getCompleteVoiceMailNumber. PhoneSubInfo.getVoiceMailNumber now returns only the network portion of the voicemail number. Use the new method PhoneSubInfo.getCompleteVoiceMailNumber to get the netowrk portion and the post dial portion. Bug: 2881483 Change-Id: I7637d4fa0ffa046b4eebc4d599719bb668c940b5
Dianne Hackborn
Fix a bug where we cleaned an apps external data when upgrading it. :( Change-Id: I0eee1e7062d334c66d6daa3c43e11a292263aada
Andrew Stadler
Skip hostname verification when using insecure factory If the factory was obtained by calling getInsecure(), calls to createSocket() should skip hostname verification (along with all of the other skipped safety checks.) This change slightly relaxes the too-strict checking that was introduced in change 7fc93c36ae235115727296780dbc35101622bbd4. Bug: 2834174 Change-Id: Iab7ef861ad0ca727f82ee8cdb78b89b9e835740d
Chih-Chung Chang
Flush binder buffer after setting raw heap to avoid leaking a reference. The problem was: 1. In handleShutter(), thread A in CameraService calls registerBuffers(IMemoryHeap) and it's received by thread B in system_server. [transaction 1] 2. While thread A is waiting for the reply, thread B calls back to thread A to get the id of the heap (IMemoryHeap.getHeapID). [transaction 2] 3. Thread A replies transaction 2 and is preemptied in kernel. Thread B gets…
Dianne Hackborn
Fix issue #2834005: Android Settings.Secure bypass Change-Id: Ic4f14e2ff5c2b4f623405d30389863a9e3e82572
Eric Laurent
Fix issue 2811538: System server crash when disconnecting BT headset after using SCO off call. Problem: When the bluetooth device is removed, the AudioService clears all active SCO connections and unlinks from the client application's binder interface death. The problem is that the unlinking is done even if no more connections are active for a given client, which throws a runtime exception that is not catched causing the system server to crash. The fix consists in calling unlinkToDeath() i…
Dan Egnor
Verify hostname where possible, and clarify where not. Bug: 2807409 Change-Id: I6f6a6b22a48149d9f1f45ff8f53103b25706ecc0
Christopher Tate
Properly note the current active restore set's token Bug: 2796780 Change-Id: Iad601ed96ae73cf34910a276350712e6af19bb4e
Nick Pelly
Do not log AT command traffic by default. Bug: 2792732 Change-Id: I0ef25f38f38685291af6680cf653046eb391da5a
Dianne Hackborn
Work on issue # 2778549: Idle FRF72 is awake 18 mins more than ERE27 in 13hr test Modify UIModeManager to not get location updates every thirty minutes. Instead it gets one once a day, and requests a new update when airplane mode is turned off or the time zone changes. Change-Id: I8044c27b5cd77709e4b872e2e8edd352f23e4af1
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