Anonymous committed b2aeba1

gpu: ion: fix compilation warning

use atomic_read to get the refcount value to avoid compilation warning

Change-Id: I9bf0a07c787af8f87ac19314f996a78142f72f6b
Signed-off-by: Benjamin Gaignard <>

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 		total_size += buffer->size;
 		if (!buffer->handle_count) {
 			seq_printf(s, "%16.s %16u %16u %d %d\n", buffer->task_comm,
-				   buffer->pid, buffer->size, buffer->kmap_cnt, buffer->ref);
+				   buffer->pid, buffer->size, buffer->kmap_cnt,
+				   atomic_read(&buffer->ref.refcount));
 			total_orphaned_size += buffer->size;
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