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Ecco Park  committed ccc9a86

net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fixed a problem of buganizer issue (11190960)

Problem : if PNO scan occurs in Driver after p2p scan,
we failed to do PNO scan
Root cause : In the wl_run_escan function, we still goes into
p2p scan code even though current scan is PNO which is kind of
legacy scan.

Solution : we need to clear the staus of P2P scan before doing

Signed-off-by: Ecco Park <eccopark@broadcom.com>

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  • Parent commits 5a0383f
  • Branches android-3.4

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File drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd/wl_cfg80211.c

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 				wl_clr_drv_status(wl, SCANNING, ndev);
 				goto out_err;
+			p2p_scan(wl) = false;
 		wl_set_drv_status(wl, SCANNING, ndev);