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Stephen Smalley  committed 43d244c

Enable audit by default.

Enable audit by default, including pathname collection.
Normally this would be handled from userspace via auditctl,
but patch the kernel until audit userspace becomes available.

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File kernel/audit.c

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 /* Default state when kernel boots without any parameters. */
-static int	audit_default;
+static int	audit_default = 1;
 /* If auditing cannot proceed, audit_failure selects what happens. */
 static int	audit_failure = AUDIT_FAIL_PRINTK;

File kernel/auditsc.c

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 #define MAX_EXECVE_AUDIT_LEN 7500
 /* number of audit rules */
-int audit_n_rules;
+int audit_n_rules = 1;
 /* determines whether we collect data for signals sent */
 int audit_signals;