Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed e0c310d

mako: charger: disable hsic host and mdm driver in charger mode

In off-mode charging, hsic host driver never release wake_lock.
Due to this, system cannot enter the suspend during off-mode
charging. This patch disable the hsic host driver and mdm
driver in off-mode charging to reduce power consumption.

Change-Id: I8580af1d5a9d754982b198c9bd47a98e4b69c725

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 	platform_add_devices(common_devices, ARRAY_SIZE(common_devices));
- = &msm_hsic_pdata;
-	device_initialize(&;
+	if (!mako_charger_mode) {
+ = &msm_hsic_pdata;
+		device_initialize(&;
+	}
- = &mdm_platform_data;
-	platform_device_register(&mdm_8064_device);
+	if (!mako_charger_mode) {
+ = &mdm_platform_data;
+		platform_device_register(&mdm_8064_device);
+	}
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