Jithu Jance  committed 110f581

net: wireless: bcmdhd: Enable P2P probe request handling only during discovery

Change-Id: I2db29d5ed7f66f2a45feb890c81d510fcad24dd2
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <>

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File drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd/dhd_linux.c

 		setbit(eventmask, WLC_E_ACTION_FRAME_RX);
 		setbit(eventmask, WLC_E_ACTION_FRAME_COMPLETE);
-		setbit(eventmask, WLC_E_P2P_PROBREQ_MSG);
 		setbit(eventmask, WLC_E_P2P_DISC_LISTEN_COMPLETE);
 #endif /* WL_CFG80211 */

File drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd/wl_cfg80211.c

 static s32 __wl_cfg80211_up(struct wl_priv *wl);
 static s32 __wl_cfg80211_down(struct wl_priv *wl);
-static s32 wl_add_remove_eventmsg(struct net_device *ndev, u16 event, bool add);
 static bool wl_is_linkdown(struct wl_priv *wl, const wl_event_msg_t *e);
 static bool wl_is_linkup(struct wl_priv *wl, const wl_event_msg_t *e, struct net_device *ndev);
 static bool wl_is_nonetwork(struct wl_priv *wl, const wl_event_msg_t *e);
 	return 0;
-static s32 wl_add_remove_eventmsg(struct net_device *ndev, u16 event, bool add)
+s32 wl_add_remove_eventmsg(struct net_device *ndev, u16 event, bool add)
 	s8 iovbuf[WL_EVENTING_MASK_LEN + 12];

File drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd/wl_cfg80211.h

 extern s32 wl_update_wiphybands(struct wl_priv *wl);
 extern s32 wl_cfg80211_if_is_group_owner(void);
 extern int wl_cfg80211_update_power_mode(struct net_device *dev);
+extern s32 wl_add_remove_eventmsg(struct net_device *ndev, u16 event, bool add);
 #endif				/* _wl_cfg80211_h_ */

File drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd/wl_cfgp2p.c

 	ret = wl_cfgp2p_set_management_ie(wl, dev,
-				wl_cfgp2p_find_idx(wl, dev),
+				wl_to_p2p_bss_bssidx(wl, P2PAPI_BSSCFG_DEVICE),
 				VNDR_IE_PRBREQ_FLAG, ie, ie_len);
 	if (unlikely(ret < 0)) {
 		cfg80211_remain_on_channel_expired(ndev, wl->last_roc_id, &wl->remain_on_chan,
 		    wl->remain_on_chan_type, GFP_KERNEL);
+		if (wl_add_remove_eventmsg(wl_to_prmry_ndev(wl),
+			WLC_E_P2P_PROBREQ_MSG, false) != BCME_OK) {
+			CFGP2P_ERR((" failed to unset WLC_E_P2P_PROPREQ_MSG\n"));
+		}
 	} else
 		wl_clr_p2p_status(wl, LISTEN_EXPIRED);
 	} else
 		wl_clr_p2p_status(wl, LISTEN_EXPIRED);
+	if (wl_add_remove_eventmsg(wl_to_prmry_ndev(wl), WLC_E_P2P_PROBREQ_MSG, true) != BCME_OK) {
+		CFGP2P_ERR((" failed to set WLC_E_P2P_PROPREQ_MSG\n"));
+	}
 	wl_cfgp2p_set_p2p_mode(wl, WL_P2P_DISC_ST_LISTEN, channel, (u16) duration_ms,
 	            wl_to_p2p_bss_bssidx(wl, P2PAPI_BSSCFG_DEVICE));
 	_timer = &wl->p2p->listen_timer;