Anonymous committed b980927

ASoC: codecs: rt5642: fix whoosh noise when making the first click sound.

Stable VREF by increasing VREF charging time in fast mode to 10-15ms (was: 5-6ms).

Bug: 7257448
Change-Id: I089821b886b4a4e92fa8fdafcc11bb0269c7fb05
Signed-off-by: able_liao <>

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 			 * wait 10ms to
 			 * make 1st and 2nd reference voltages stable
-			usleep_range(5000, 6000);
+			usleep_range(10000, 15000);
 			snd_soc_update_bits(codec, RT5640_PWR_ANLG1,
 				RT5640_PWR_FV1 | RT5640_PWR_FV2,
 				RT5640_PWR_FV1 | RT5640_PWR_FV2);