Stephen Smalley avatar Stephen Smalley committed af2688f

Drop libselinux, libsepol, checkpolicy, and sepolicy from our local manifest.
Further development should be done against the AOSP versions.

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   <remote  name="bitbucket"
            fetch="" />
-  <remove-project name="platform/external/libselinux"/>
-  <project path="external/libselinux" remote="bitbucket" name="external-libselinux"/>
-  <remove-project name="platform/external/libsepol"/>
-  <project path="external/libsepol" remote="bitbucket" name="external-libsepol"/>
-  <remove-project name="platform/external/checkpolicy"/>
-  <project path="external/checkpolicy" remote="bitbucket" name="external-checkpolicy"/>
-  <remove-project name="platform/external/sepolicy"/>
-  <project path="external/sepolicy" remote="bitbucket" name="external-sepolicy"/>
   <project path="external/mac-policy" remote="bitbucket" name="external-mac-policy" revision="master"/>
   <project path="packages/apps/SEAndroidManager" remote="bitbucket" name="packages-apps-seandroidmanager"/>
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