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Stephen Smalley  committed c7d1aba

Drop our maguro and toro projects.

With the new per-device policy mechanism, everything is specified
in tuna/BoardConfig.mk, and maguro and toro include the tuna BoardConfig.mk.
Thus, we no longer need any changes to the maguro or toro projects.

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   <remove-project name="device/samsung/tuna"/>
   <project path="device/samsung/tuna" remote="bitbucket" name="device-samsung-tuna" revision="seandroid" />
-  <remove-project name="device/samsung/maguro"/>
-  <project path="device/samsung/maguro" remote="bitbucket" name="device-samsung-maguro" revision="seandroid" />
-  <remove-project name="device/samsung/toro"/>
-  <project path="device/samsung/toro" remote="bitbucket" name="device-samsung-toro" revision="seandroid" />
   <remove-project name="device/moto/wingray"/>
   <project path="device/moto/wingray" remote="bitbucket" name="device-moto-wingray" revision="seandroid" />