Robert Craig committed 81d3ef0

Drop references to updating mac_permissions.xml

The abiltiy to update mac_permissions.xml has now
be added to the general sepolicy update bundle.

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File res/values/strings.xml

     <string name="update_category_title">Policy Update Options</string>
     <string name="config_kernel_reload_title">Reload Kernel Policies</string>
     <string name="config_update_mmac_title">Kernel and MMAC Policy</string>
-    <string name="config_mmac_install_reload_title">Reload Install MAC Policy</string>
     <string name="config_eop_reload_title">Reload Eops Policy</string>
     <string name="config_ifw_reload_title">Reload Intent Firewall Policy</string>
     <string name="selinux_policy_reload">Reload Selinux Policies</string>
                          mechanism. Presently, it provides 4 types of policy reload options.\n\n
                          * <font fgcolor="cyan">Kernel</font> : selinux policy updates for file_contexts,
-                         seapp_contexts, sepolicy and property_contexts files.\n
-                         * <font fgcolor="cyan">Install-time MAC</font> : policy to assign seinfo values to
-                         apps used for assigning SELinux security contexts and optionally to control
-                         whether an app can be installed at all. Applied via mac_permissions.xml file.\n
+                         seapp_contexts, sepolicy, property_contexts and mac_permissions.xml files.\n
                          * <font fgcolor="cyan">Eops</font> : policy supports enterprise controls over certain
                          runtime application operations that build upon AppOps functionality. Applied via
                          eops.xml file.\n

File res/xml/config_update_mmac_fragment.xml

-    <Preference android:id="@+id/mac_perms_config_reload"
-                android:title="@string/config_mmac_install_reload_title"
-                android:key="key_mac_perms_reload" />
     <Preference android:id="@+id/eop_config_reload"
                 android:key="key_eops_reload" />

File src/com/android/seandroid_admin/

-        new MacInstallConfigUpdate();
         new EopsConfigUpdate();
         new IfwConfigUpdate();
         new SELinuxUpdate();
                         i.putExtra("SIGNATURE", signature);
                         i.putExtra("VERSION", version);
-                        Log.d(TAG, mIntent + " intent being broadcast.");
+                        Log.d(TAG, mIntent + " intent being broadcast. " + i.getExtras());
                     } catch (Exception ex) {
-    private class MacInstallConfigUpdate extends ConfigUpdate {
-        MacInstallConfigUpdate() {
-            super("mac_perms", "UPDATE_MAC_PERMS");
-        }
-    }
     private class EopsConfigUpdate extends ConfigUpdate {
         EopsConfigUpdate() {
             super("eops", "UPDATE_EOPS");