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Use plurals for the developer steps countdown

When counting down how many steps are left before the user becomes a
developer, use plurals so that "steps" becomes "step" correctly.

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     <!-- Device Info screen. Used for a status item's value when the proper value is not known -->
     <string name="device_info_default">Unknown</string>
     <!-- [CHAR LIMIT=NONE] Device Info screen. Countdown for user taps to enable development settings -->
-    <string name="show_dev_countdown">You are now <xliff:g id="step_count">%1$d</xliff:g> steps away from being a developer.</string>
+    <plurals name="show_dev_countdown">
+        <item quantity="one">You are now <xliff:g id="step_count">%1$d</xliff:g> step away from being a developer.</item>
+        <item quantity="other">You are now <xliff:g id="step_count">%1$d</xliff:g> steps away from being a developer.</item>
+    </plurals>
     <!-- [CHAR LIMIT=NONE] Device Info screen. Confirmation that developer settings are enabled -->
     <string name="show_dev_on">You are now a developer!</string>
     <!-- [CHAR LIMIT=NONE] Device Info screen. Okay we get it, stop pressing, you already have it on -->


                     if (mDevHitToast != null) {
-                    mDevHitToast = Toast.makeText(getActivity(), getResources().getString(
-                            R.string.show_dev_countdown, mDevHitCountdown),
+                    mDevHitToast = Toast.makeText(getActivity(), getResources().getQuantityString(
+                            R.plurals.show_dev_countdown, mDevHitCountdown, mDevHitCountdown),