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Option "None" replaced "Open" in Wi-Fi AP Settings of Wi-Fi Hotspot

First option in Wi-Fi AP settings of Wi-Fi Hotspot, "Open", is
changed to "None" since "Open" is not localized.
"None" (@string/wifi_security_none) already in use in other
Wi-Fi related screens and it is already localized in
the existing source code.

Change-Id: Ic79b20e3b0f094e064dd4758d8a03d67a208389a

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    <!-- Wi-Fi AP settings.  The type of security a Wi-Fi AP supports. -->
    <!-- Note that adding/removing/moving the items will need wifi settings code change. -->
-    <string-array name="wifi_ap_security" translatable="false">
-        <item>Open</item>
-        <!-- Do not translate. -->
-        <item>WPA PSK</item>
-        <!-- Do not translate. -->
-        <item>WPA2 PSK</item>
+    <string-array name="wifi_ap_security">
+        <item>@string/wifi_security_none</item>
+        <item>@string/wifi_security_wpa</item>
+        <item>@string/wifi_security_wpa2</item>
     <!-- Match this with the constants in WifiDialog. --> <skip />