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Align "Make passwords visible" setting.

Bug: 7545894
Change-Id: I46113676c46055bd7468a0aa7289c9475e714232

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     <string name="auto_punctuate_summary">Press Space key twice to insert \u0022.\u0022</string>
     <!-- On Security & location settings screen, setting check box name. Title of the checkbox to set whether password edit fields will show the most recent character typed and then hide it, or just hide it right away.  By hide, I mean mask it out. -->
     <string name="show_password">Make passwords visible</string>
-    <!-- On Security & location settings screen, setting check box summary. Summary for the visible passwords setting. -->
-    <string name="show_password_summary"></string>
     <!-- Warning message about security implications of enabling an input method, displayed as a dialog
          message when the user selects to enable an IME. -->
     <string name="ime_security_warning">This input method may be able to collect


         <CheckBoxPreference android:key="show_password"
-                android:summary="@string/show_password_summary"