Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed 2e63e71

init: support longer command lines

The Linux kernel supports command lines up to 2048 bytes on x86,
see COMMAND_LINE_SIZE in asm/setup.h.

If any androidboot.xxxx arguments were past the 1024 byte limit
here, they were lost.

Change-Id: I6247c511a7de04109490fffa0125801d274a5501
Signed-off-by: Andrew Boie <>;

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 void import_kernel_cmdline(int in_qemu,
                            void (*import_kernel_nv)(char *name, int in_qemu))
-    char cmdline[1024];
+    char cmdline[2048];
     char *ptr;
     int fd;
     fd = open("/proc/cmdline", O_RDONLY);
     if (fd >= 0) {
-        int n = read(fd, cmdline, 1023);
+        int n = read(fd, cmdline, sizeof(cmdline) - 1);
         if (n < 0) n = 0;
         /* get rid of trailing newline, it happens */
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