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Xavier Ducrohet
Merge "Add Dell's vendor ID to fastboot." into eclair
Xavier Ducrohet
Add Dell's vendor ID to fastboot.
Xavier Ducrohet
Add DELL's USB Vendor ID to adb - DO NOT MERGE
John Wang
Add gsm_rat_switched event tag.
San Mehat
system: sched_policy: Don't return an error when the thread we're trying to move exits on us
Dan Egnor
Don't copy /proc/last_kmsg to /data/dontpanic/last_kmsg --
Dianne Hackborn
Work on issue #2259506: camera ANRed and then device runtime restarted
Jack Palevich
Correctly compute the type of an assignment expression.
Erik Gilling
cutils: make set_process_name set kernel thread name as well
Jean-Michel Trivi
Make the RIL daemon part of the audio group so it can load region-specific
Xavier Ducrohet
am 23433b93: Add Sony-Ericsson to adb.
Xavier Ducrohet
Add Sony-Ericsson to adb.
San Mehat
cutils: sched_policy: Fix bug where we were unable to move backgrounded threads into the foreground
San Mehat
cutils: schedpolicy: Add debug code to log sched policy transitions
San Mehat
toolbox: Add scheduling policy display to top/ps
San Mehat
cutils: Add support for reading a processes scheduler policy
Ben Cheng
Add stack unwinding directives to atomic-android-arm.S.
Dima Zavin
init: devices: Remove pmem_gpu regions as they are not needed since we have an mmu
Dima Zavin
init: Add qdsp6 video encoder, q6venc, device owned by
Android (Google) Code Review
Merge change I831d8e1e into eclair
San Mehat
rootdir: init.rc: Adjust background dirty writeout policy
Mike Lockwood
adb: Add "adb disconnect" command for disconnecting TCP/IP devices.
Dan Bornstein
Force the mediaserver process to restart whenever the zygote or system
Android (Google) Code Review
Merge change I7b04795c into eclair
Rebecca Schultz Zavin
Make vmallocinfo readable by group log so we can put it in bugreports
Doug Zongker
am 46ef2b87: add free space on system and cache to free_storage_left log event
Doug Zongker
add free space on system and cache to free_storage_left log event
Brian Swetland
init.rc: don't mount debugfs
San Mehat
Revert "rootdir: init.rc: *LATENCY EXPERIMENT* - Disable cgroups in favor of new scheduler policy support"
Jean-Baptiste Queru
am b084929f: Make AudioPara4 world-readable
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