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Default avatar Nick Kralevich
do not merge: Validate sender credentials on netlink msg receive
3 tags
Default avatar Nick Kralevich
validate the source of uevent messages
4 tags
Default avatar Christopher Tate
Make /proc/kmsg and /proc/sysrq-trigger system-process-readable
3 tags
Default avatar Brad Fitzpatrick
fix windows SDK build
Default avatar Brad Fitzpatrick
More fixes to Binder perf regression from Eclair
Default avatar Brad Fitzpatrick
Optimize set_sched_policy(), which gets called in every binder call.
Default avatar Dan Bornstein
For issue #2651381, allow library prelinking.
Default avatar Raphael
Fix adb, fastboot to compile in Windows SDK under Linux.
Default avatar Carl Shapiro
Add a log tag entry for the dalvik lock profiling event.
Default avatar Brad Fitzpatrick
Rename logtag for clarity.
Default avatar Xavier Ducrohet
Add Pantech's USB vendor ID to adb.
Default avatar San Mehat
system/core: Switch libsysutils & sched_policy LOG -> SLOG
Default avatar Nick Pelly
Add NET_RAW to mediaserver so that it can open a raw HCI socket to configure
Default avatar Nick Pelly
Default avatar Eric Olsen
Add Bluetooth SCO connection blacklist
Default avatar Mathias Agopian
Merge "fix [2483384] logcat crash when malloc debug is enabled"
Default avatar Mathias Agopian
fix [2483384] logcat crash when malloc debug is enabled
Default avatar David 'Digit' Turner
Add 'run-as' command implementation as set-uid program.
Default avatar Oscar Montemayor
Merge "cleanup init.rc"
Default avatar Jean-Baptiste Queru
cleanup init.rc
Default avatar Takeshi Kishimoto
Added Kyocera's VID (0x0482), upon their request.
Default avatar Dan Egnor
Add '-t N' flag to logcat, to print only the last N lines of logcat
Default avatar Wink Saville
Change permissions on pppd-ril
Default avatar San Mehat
Merge "system: libdiskconfig: Add libdiskconfig"
Default avatar Daniel Sandler
Merge "Add wall-clock timing for each fastboot Action."
Default avatar Colin Cross
Merge "Use arch flags instead of TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT, and add support for VFP_D16"
Default avatar San Mehat
system: libdiskconfig: Add libdiskconfig
Default avatar Colin Cross
Use arch flags instead of TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT, and add support for VFP_D16
Default avatar Dan Egnor
Remove an obsolete event log tag.
Default avatar Dmitry Shmidt
Merge "sysutils: Increase number of command arguments to 16"
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