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Ken Sumrall  committed c587269

vold: Increase timeout due to selinux changes

The new selinux_reload_policy command can take a while to complete on
some systems. The reason is being investigated, and hopefully a fix can
be found to improve performance, but for now, increase the timeout that
vold waits for the post_fs_data section to complete when decrypting a
device on boot.

Also, emit a decent error message if the device times out.

Bug: 8967715
Change-Id: Ifb01c983dffe095a9de752c17c467a1751e9ce99

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  • Parent commits bc7d508
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  • Tags android-4.3.1_r1, android-4.3_r3 1
    1. android-4.3_r3.1

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     return rc;
-#define DATA_PREP_TIMEOUT 100
+#define DATA_PREP_TIMEOUT 200
 static int prep_data_fs(void)
     int i;
     property_set("vold.decrypt", "trigger_post_fs_data");
     SLOGD("Just triggered post_fs_data\n");
-    /* Wait a max of 25 seconds, hopefully it takes much less */
+    /* Wait a max of 50 seconds, hopefully it takes much less */
     for (i=0; i<DATA_PREP_TIMEOUT; i++) {
         char p[PROPERTY_VALUE_MAX];
     if (i == DATA_PREP_TIMEOUT) {
         /* Ugh, we failed to prep /data in time.  Bail. */
+        SLOGE("post_fs_data timed out!\n");
         return -1;
     } else {
         SLOGD("post_fs_data done\n");