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Adds find_one with no selector

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 LIBDIR=$(shell erl -eval 'io:format("~s~n", [code:lib_dir()])' -s init stop -noshell)
 # get application vsn from app file
 VERSION=$(shell erl -pa ebin/ -eval 'application:load(${PKGNAME}), {ok, Vsn} = application:get_key(${PKGNAME}, vsn), io:format("~s~n", [Vsn])' -s init stop -noshell)
+.PHONY: bson-make all
-all: src
+all: bson-make src
+	mkdir bson
+	wget -O - --no-check-certificate \
+ |\
+		tar -C bson -xz --strip-components 1 -f -
+bson-make: bson
+	@erlc -I bson/include -o ebin bson/src/*.erl
 src: FORCE
 	@erl -make
 test: src
+	escript t/*.erl
 	prove t/*.t
 check: src
 	@dialyzer --src -r . -I include/
--export([pools/0, oid/0, add_pool/5, del_pool/1]).
+-export([pools/0, oid/0, add_pool/2, add_pool/5, del_pool/1]).
          find_all/2, find_all/3, find_all/4,
-         find_one/3, find_one/4]).
+         find_one/2, find_one/3, find_one/4]).
 -export([insert/3, update/4, update/5, delete/2, delete/3]).
 add_pool(PoolId, Host, Port, Database, Size) ->
     emongo_sup:start_pool(PoolId, Host, Port, Database, Size).
+add_pool(PoolId, Database) ->
+    emongo_sup:start_pool(PoolId, "localhost", 27017, Database, 1).
 del_pool(PoolId) ->
 %% find_one
+find_one(PoolId, Collection) ->
+	find_one(PoolId, Collection, [], []).
 find_one(PoolId, Collection, Selector) ->
     find_one(PoolId, Collection, Selector, []).
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