emongo / src / emongo_bson.erl

%% Copyright (c) 2010 Sean Russell
%% Permission to use, copy, or modify this file is hereby granted to everybody.
%% Do what thou wilt.
%% This uses the same API as the original emongo_bson, but replaces the broken
%% emongo bson encoder with Tony Hannan's bson-erlang encoder.
%% https://github.com/TonyGen/bson-erlang
-export([encode/1, decode/1]).

%% Encode a *single* Document
-spec encode([tuple()]) -> binary().
encode([]) ->

encode(Document) ->

%% Decode *multiple* documents
-spec decode( BsonEncodedDocs::binary() ) -> [ [tuple()] ].
decode(Bin) ->
	decode(Bin, []).
decode(<<>>, Acc) ->
decode(Bin, Acc) ->
	{Doc, Rest} = bson_binary:get_document(Bin),
	Document = bson:fields(Doc),
	decode(Rest, [Document|Acc]).
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