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Sean Kauffman repo owner created an issue

nfer should support specifications and events with non-ASCII characters.

This may be fairly simple. I believe that adding support to the specifications should be as simple as being more flexible in what is accepted during parsing. Tests certainly need to be added.

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  1. Sean Kauffman reporter

    This post has a good suggestion for building Flex support for UTF-8 identifiers. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9611682/flexlexer-support-for-unicode

    The gist of it is that you need to add character classes like the following:

    ASC     [\x00-\x7f]
    ASCN    [\x00-\t\v-\x7f]
    U       [\x80-\xbf]
    U1      [\x80-\x8f]
    U2      [\xc2-\xdf]
    U3      [\xe0-\xef]
    U4      [\xf0-\xf7]
    UANY    {ASC}|{U2}{U}|{U3}{U}{U}|{U4}{U1}{U}{U}
    UANYN   {ASCN}|{U2}{U}|{U3}{U}{U}|{U4}{U1}{U}{U} 
    UONLY   {U2}{U}|{U3}{U}{U}|{U4}{U1}{U}{U}

    Where UANY matches any ASCII or UTF-8 char, UANYN omits newlines, and UONLY omits ASCII.

  2. Sean Kauffman reporter
    • changed status to open

    I have spent some time looking at this, and suggested at least one change. As a result, I am changing its status to open.

  3. Sean Kauffman reporter

    This has been implemented (I'm confused why the related commit message did not resolve the issue or appear here). A functional test was added with Chinese characters for event names to demonstrate that it works.

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