Figure out why the strip code is failing in the TravisCI Windows build

Issue #41 resolved
Sean Kauffman repo owner created an issue

The command that is failing is

build/rdc/rdc s src/types.c gensrc/compiler/types.c

It is causing a GPF on Windows that looks like an illegal access error. This is terribly confusing, but I have seen weird errors from the RDC code before, so I think there must be a bug. This might be a good opportunity to try to debug the problem using CBMC or similar, but also the RDC code has zero tests. A good start might be to just write some tests for RDC (which will require setting up a test environment, etc.)

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  1. Sean Kauffman reporter

    This is now resolved by removing the custom strip code and instead using sed. It doesn't remove as much (comments) but it works and the lz4 compression is so much better that the comments don't make it so bad.

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