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HScD is a command line tool and library to access SoundCloud.


  -t URL   --track=URL    Indicate the URL of the track to be downloaded.
  -o FILE  --output=FILE  Output File
  -i URL   --info=URL     Get info about the resource pointed by the URL
  -r URL   --resolve=URL  Resolve the SoundCloud's API URL for an arbitrary URL. Supports users, tracks, sets, groups and apps
  -h       --help         Show usage info


Clone the source code using hg or git and run cabal install from the main directory.

Recent activity

Sebastián Magrí

Commits by Sebastián Magrí were pushed to sebasmagri/HScD

068777c - Implement scSimpleGet and scRecursiveGet for more idiomatic requests to the API, disallowing the usage of the internal scGet function.
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