ocaml-lib / common.ml

(* extensions a Weak *)

let weak_get_index : 'a Weak.t ref -> int =
  fun w ->
    let l = Weak.length !w in
    let i = ref 0 in
    while Weak.check !w !i do incr i done;
    if !i >= l then begin
      let ar = Weak.create (l + 10)
      in Weak.blit !w 0 ar 0 l; w := ar end;

let weak_add : 'a Weak.t ref -> 'a -> unit =
  fun w x ->
    let i = weak_get_index w in
    Weak.set !w i (Some x)
let weak_iter : 'a Weak.t -> ('a -> unit) -> unit =
  fun w f ->
    for i=0 to Weak.length w - 1 do
      match Weak.get w i with
	None -> ()
      | Some x -> f x
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