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To build squall2sparql, here are the instructions:

1. clone the Git repository in some directory,
   and its dependencies (Git submodules)

% git clone https://bitbucket.org/sebferre/squall2sparql.git
% cd squall2sparql
% git submodule init
% git submodule update

2. compile the project. This only assumes you have installed
   the OCaml compilers version 3.12.1 (see http://caml.inria.fr/ocaml/release-prev.en.html).

% make

If successful, you get the following "user interfaces":
- script (squall2sparql): takes a SQUALL sentence on the standard input,
    and returns the SPARQL translation on the standard output
- interpreter (squall.exe): prompts the user for SQUALL sentences, and
    displays its SPARQL translation, as well as intermediate representations
    in between
- Ocsigen web form (webform.cma, webform.conf, webform.css): a web site
    featuring a SQUALL form, connections to DBpedia SPARQL endpoints, and
    SQUALL examples. Assuming you have installed the Ocsigen server
    (see http://ocsigen.org/), you can run it by executing

% ocsigenserver -c webform.conf